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Re: Objective-C 2.0 and other new features in Leopard

From: Jesse Ross
Subject: Re: Objective-C 2.0 and other new features in Leopard
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2007 10:52:11 -0600

The web site is terrible.  Really, really, appallingly bad.  Compare
the following two links:



Wow, I've only used GNUstep for less than 2 years, so I had never seen the older site.  Why was it ever changed?

There is almost nothing on the second to indicate that anything has
happened to the project in the last three years.  The page has big
links to Startup, Gorm and ProjectCenter on the front page, but what
are these things?  Sure, regular GNUstep users will know, but regular
GNUstep users are not the people the front page of the site should be
aimed at.  There is nothing at all on the current front page saying
that the last release was less than a week ago.  There is nothing
saying what applications have been recently released or updated.  Give
some hints that the project is not dead, please.

Adding to this, the home page still says: "Plan on coming to FOSDEM 2007 in February."

I'm interested in coming up with a new site architecture and design. I'll send some preliminary ideas to the mailing list in a few hours.


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