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Site Redesign (was: Objective-C 2.0 and other new features in Leopard)

From: Jesse Ross
Subject: Site Redesign (was: Objective-C 2.0 and other new features in Leopard)
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2007 14:20:40 -0600

I'm interested in coming up with a new site architecture and design. I'll send some preliminary ideas to the mailing list in a few hours.


Here is my preliminary design:


It uses the following site structure:

Home gnustep.org
- Get Started /start (overview, downloads, installation)
- Documentation /documentation (wiki-based docs)
- News /news (planet-based)
- Status /status (CIA feed)
- Applications /applications (list of apps built with GS)
- Support /support (contact, bug submission)

The home page has:
 - The 5 most recent news posts from the News page
 - The most recent commit via CIA
 - A site-wide search
 - A link to screenshots of apps
 - Links to upcoming events (FOSDEM, AlpenStep)
 - Whatever else makes sense in the right sidebar!

The Get Started page has:
 - An overview of GNUstep and its history
 - A link to download the sources
 - A link to the installation process
 - Links various tutorials (learning Obj-C, building your first app, etc)

The Documentation page utilizes the current wiki, which will need major work to get the APIs fleshed out.

The News page is an installation of Planet, creating a unified GNUstep blog.

The Status page has the CIA.vc stats, to show people that progress is still underway.

The Applications page has:
 - A list of applications and where to download them
 - Screenshots for many different applications (perhaps pulling from a GNUstep-specific Flickr account)

The Support page has:
 - Information about the mailing lists and how to subscribe
 - Bug Report details
 - Donation links

I think that covers pretty much everything we have on the site currently, unifying a few elements in order to make things easier to locate and reinforcing the "we're still alive" message. The slogan in the header is subject to change, but I felt that was the strongest one so far. Feedback and criticism on either the design or the site restructure is welcomed!


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