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Re: So, honestly, is GNUStep a viable development option?

From: Wolfgang Sourdeau
Subject: Re: So, honestly, is GNUStep a viable development option?
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 12:48:46 -0500

Le Lundi 12 Novembre 2007 23:54:03 EST, "Mark Grice" <address@hidden> a écrit:

> Hi All... I don't mean to come on and be a flame thrower my first
> post. Believe me, I am hoping to be convinced that GNUStep is a great
> choice... but my three weeks of poking and playing makes me wonder...
> Here's the thing: I am getting ready to start a pretty big project in
> Linux and I am trying to decide what to use as a GUI/Framework. I did
> a lot of research and came across the GNUStep project and thought:
> Aha! This sounds great! Just what I was looking for!

Hi Mark,

GNUstep has a wonderful API, but the gui part is seriously lacking in stability 
and features. Also the mention of theming and of a more modern look has been 
around for years and nothing changed. Therefore, if your projet needs a GUI, 
you are probably better with wxWidgets, which is cross-platform (using the 
native GUI) and has bindings for many languages.

However, if you are looking to make a command-line application (or a server 
app.), then GNUstep is possibly very mature. GNUstep's killer non-gui app is 
probably SOGo: http://sogo-demo.inverse.ca/ (hint hint), using a WebObjects 
derivative named SOPE (sope.opengroupware.org). But this would be useful only 
if you consider writing web-based applications.

Good luck!


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