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Re: So, honestly, is GNUStep a viable development option?

From: Jesse Ross
Subject: Re: So, honestly, is GNUStep a viable development option?
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 13:59:59 -0600

GNUstep has a wonderful API, but the gui part is seriously lacking in stability and features. Also the mention of theming and of a more modern > look has been around for years and nothing changed. Therefore, if your projet needs a GUI, you are probably better with wxWidgets, which is cross-platform (using the native GUI) and has bindings for many languages.

In the past few years, we've gotten the addition of Camaelon, Nesedah, and now Narcissus is in the works... I think that counts as more than "nothing" changing.

To be fair, it's not where I would like it to be yet, but I think progress is happening.

The problem is that no one has really had the time to devote to revamping the theme. This is a huge undertaking. I, personally, am hoping to have some time to devote to this soon.

It would be amazing if there was someone dedicated to getting theme support in and getting all of the control/margin-sizing issues cleaned up, but we only have so many people working on GNUstep. If someone is willing to take up the effort of getting Camaelon fully integrated and getting some of the other widget issues resolved, I'll be right there providing graphics.


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