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Re: Gorm in Gnome - Screenshots

From: David Chisnall
Subject: Re: Gorm in Gnome - Screenshots
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 23:44:27 +0000

My guess is that it's bad interaction with the compositing manager. GWorkspace draws directly onto the root window, but when you are running a compositing manager then this will redirect all of your windows off screen and draw them all onto the root itself. If you have two applications trying to draw onto the root at once, you get all sorts of problems.


On 13 Nov 2007, at 23:37, Mark Grice wrote:

Yes, you are right, that is what seems to be happening. The odd thing
is I don't REMEMBER installing GWorkspace. I did download the tar...
but anyway...

It isn't quite as simple as you describe though, in case anyone else
runs into this. To say GWorkspace is a bad citizen is putting it
mildly. As I described earlier, it was a non-functioning screen that
comes up. Watching the behavior closer, it appears as though
GWorkspace and Gnome are fighting for control. I can see (if I look
closely) some windows flashing on and off, but never do I get a chance
to do anything. Every option on the menu is grayed out and none of the
icons on the side are active.

When I reboot and come into Window Maker, and run GWorkspace from
there, then I am able to set the background to off. Now, as you
predicted, the Project Center works correctly after that (even when I
come back into Gnome).

I don't know if this qualifies as a bug, but it sure is undesirable behavior!

On Nov 13, 2007 12:27 PM, Nicolas Roard <address@hidden> wrote:
On Nov 13, 2007 5:07 PM, Mark Grice <address@hidden> wrote:
I hope this isn't spamming... but here are three screenshots that I
hope shows what I mean. First two were easy, since I could use the
screenshot utility... third one is digital camera, but I hope you can
tell what it is showing...

Oh ... it looks like what you have is GWorkspace  --  so no crashes,
everything works fine...
What happens is that when ProjectCenter wants to open the gorm file,
it calls the proper NSWorkspace method to do so.
That method is supposed to check which app is in charge for the type
of file you want to open.

The problem here is that if GWorkspace is installed, it establishes
itself as the one in charge for choosing which app should be run.

So... 1/ you are in ProjectCenter 2/ you double click on the gorm file
3/ ProjectCenter ask gnustep to open the file 4/ gworkspace is
installed, so nsworkspace launch it to deal with that request 5/
gworkspace is launched and is supposed to launch gorm (which it does,
as there is a Gorm icon on the bottom left of your screen)

The only gotcha ? well, it looks like you have the Background set in
GWorkspace, and that takes all the screen estate, thereby hiding your
Gnome desktop. Tell tale that you are very very likely to still be
running with gnome ? you still have the compositer in action (the
shadows are present on windows).

So... when you do that and get that screen, just go in GWorkspace
preference and uncheck the use of the Background -- that should do the
trick. That or deinstalling GWorkspace.

Personally I really dislike this tendency of GW to launch itself like
that, but hey.

Nicolas Roard

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