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Re: Native widgets (was: Re: So, honestly, is GNUStep a viable developme

From: Renaud Molla
Subject: Re: Native widgets (was: Re: So, honestly, is GNUStep a viable development option?)
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 17:00:33 +0100

I think that anyone thinking that GNUstep can be successful without a look that appears traditional to users within their environment
and a behavior that somewhat closely mimic it too is deluding himself.

To anyone doubtful about this I'll give the following examples:
- Apple after buying NeXT created Rhapsody which adopted a look and feel more natural to Mac OS 9 users than NeXT. - Apple worked hard on making Java application integrate the best they could in the desktop environment - Apple made OpenStep and Carbon application coexist in such a fashion that's it's sometimes hard to tell a Carbon app from a Cocoa one
        - Sun created Windows themes for Swing a long time ago
        - Apple/NeXT had a special theme for Yellow Box on windows
        - Qt application look standard on windows (look like crap on Mac OS X)
- Microsoft Office for Mac was at the beginnning a major failure because of an interface too close from the windows one, now it has a really different interface - Any mac users out there to have run OpenOffice? You just don't want to use it.
        - etc, etc.

So if anyone thinks environment integration is unnecessary, then why would companies do their best at it?

I know this might be a lot of work, still this is true.


On Nov 15, 2007, at 4:41 PM, Wolfgang Lux wrote:

Nicolas Roard wrote:

It's _far_ from knocking the whole design -- the file dialogs in
GNUstep are pretty simple, api-wise and functionality-wise: you just
want to call it, and get a list of files. The only advanced feature (a
very cool one, mind you) is rarely used if ever (accessory views).
Therefore it should be easy to support native file dialogs, and I put
forward in my previous emails the advantages of doing so.

Err, sorry, but you probably should have a closer look at the API
before saying such things. Getting just a file or a list of files
may be sufficient for simple applications, but there are some more
advanced uses of the panels, e.g., setting options for a particular
file type if the file format supports variants (e.g., compression
algorithm for TIFF files), which is commonly selected with some
widgets in an accessory view. The panels also support a few useful
delegate methods (e.g., controlling the visibility of filenames).
In addition, there is also the treatsFilePackagesAsDirectories
attribute (which is poorly supported in GNUstep at the moment,


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