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Re: How to change the default font sizes

From: Daniel Santos
Subject: Re: How to change the default font sizes
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2007 19:50:33 +0000
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I remembered I was changing the display size in xorg.conf. Now gtk fonts are too small. I compiled the preferences app, and fiddled with the fonts. But the helvetica font that comes with gnustep is not on the list. Can I add that font path to the tool font search path?

Fred Kiefer wrote:
Here is what the documentation in NSFont says about default keys to change the 
font sizes:

The default sizes are:
    <item>NSBoldFontSize            (none)</item>
    <item>NSControlContentFontSize  (none)</item>
    <item>NSFontSize                12 (System Font Size)</item>
    <item>NSLabelFontSize           (none)</item>
    <item>NSMenuFontSize            (none)</item>
    <item>NSMiniFontSize            6</item>
    <item>NSMessageFontSize         (none)</item>
    <item>NSPaletteFontSize         (none)</item>
    <item>NSSmallFontSize           9</item>
    <item>NSTitleBarFontSize        (none)</item>
    <item>NSToolTipsFontSize        (none)</item>
    <item>NSUserFixedPitchFontSize  (none)</item>
    <item>NSUserFontSize            (none)</item>
  Font sizes list with (none) default to NSFontSize.

If a font size is resistent against all of these, it is propably a bug in the 
GNUstep code, where we use hard coded font size. Could you please report these 
cases, we promisse to fix them.

BTW, which backend are you using? I just had huge fonts myself with the xlib 
backend after updating my OpenSuse system. After setting up my X server 
properly, fonts looked normal again. This did not happen with the other backend 
and I am still wondering, what went on there.


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Datum: Fri, 16 Nov 2007 14:56:53 +0000
Von: Daniel Santos <address@hidden>
An: address@hidden
Betreff: How to change the default font sizes


I compiled the core libraries from source, and when running graphical applications, such as Ink or GWorkspace I get large fonts. I changed font sizes through the defaults (those mentioned in NSFont), but some fonts don't change size, such as the labels on the path section of a file viewer, inspectors and Info dialog boxes.


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