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Re: does GORM no longer use TextView?

From: o Kiselkov <address@hidden>
Subject: Re: does GORM no longer use TextView?
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2007 22:21:06 +0100
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Mark Grice wrote:
>> you can instead create
>> a connection to the surrounding scroll view and at runtime access it
>> using its -documentView method (which will return to you the text view
>> contained inside). As was mentioned in earlier posts however, this is a
>> dirty hack and should be avoided if possible.
> OK, I do think I understand what you mean now, thanks.


>> I think your problem stems from the fact that while creating your
>> connection, due to a Gorm bug, it is created to the surrounding scroll
>> view, so that later when you load your file, during initialization in
>> - -awakeFromNib if don't realize that what you're dealing with is an
>> NSScrollView and send it messages understood only by an NSTextView, this
>> throws an exception and loading of the Nib fails.
> Yes, there is no question that is what is happening. I worked around
> it last night by cutting and pasting manually out of the .gorm file
> you supplied with the tutorial... that's how I figured out what the
> problem was.
> While I am on the subject... I don't know if you are close to the PM
> development... but there was another issue I had to work around.
> (Aside from the fact that the GUI has changed, but there is no help
> for that...)

Yes, I still do development of PM (even though only small bugfixes for
my own needs).

> When I first created my project and selected the Document application
> type, I got an error that said something like "Could not copy from
> source directory to target directory" or something like that. I looked
> around and found the directory:
> /usr/lib/GNUstep/System/Applications/ProjectManager.app/Resources/ApplicationProjectType.projtype/Resources
> And there I saw folder: DocumentBased.template
> I guessed that this was what was being used by ProjectManager, and I
> simply copied those files to my project dirctory manually. Then
> everywhere I found the tag $PROJECT_NAME$ I simply replaced it with my
> project's name "textEditor". There were two files I had to change the
> name of, and then inside the file textEditor.pmproj, I had to also
> find and replace the same tag.
> When I was all done with that, it seems like everything was running
> fine, and I was able to follow along with the demo with no problem.
> But I'm guessing that ProjectManager thinks it is being launched from
> some directory other than the one from which I launched it (or
> something) because it wasn't finding its source files.

The problem was infact in the routine which imports files into the
project - it failed when trying to copy binary files. I had this fixed
in my local copy for about two weeks now, but forgot to commit my
changes. They are now in SVN, so you might want to try them out. ;-)

Anyways, glad to finally see some people use PM.

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