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Re: No FOSDEM 2008 stand/devroom this year: new Plans for GNUstep-Dev-Me

From: Andreas Wagner
Subject: Re: No FOSDEM 2008 stand/devroom this year: new Plans for GNUstep-Dev-Meeting & How to attract General Public?
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 16:43:13 +0100
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Hello Gregory, hello list,

* Gregory John Casamento wrote on Nov/28/2007:

1) Getting the website changed as we discussed.
2) Creating the official forums.
3) Updating documentation and examples so that they are current and correspond 
with what GNUstep is today.

One thing that came to my mind again was a page of success stories. More than just the two applications on the wiki's success stories page (one of which is a 404 link). I gather there are a couple of deployments around that would prove that GNUstep is a) alive and b) interesting for "serious business" (And what about the mobile platform efforts, haven't you been there before iPhone and Googlephone? Then it would deserve some report, proving the multi-platform aspect very nicely.). I think that if you can get something like that together, it would deserve a place rather up front. (Compare the idea to the popularity of screenshots on project presentations. WRT an API, this makes much more sense then mere screenshots.)

Sorry for not being able to actually contribute much...

BTW, the meeting in Frankfurt sounds like a good idea.

In fact, time permitting I would be very curious and try to get there just to have a look "from close". I'm merely an observer, pushing back my own ideas about what I could do with it month after month, but Frankfurt is literally around the corner, so this could end up being my first visit to anything remotely like a convention...

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