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Re: Menu windows appear in window manager windows list ?

From: Truls Becken
Subject: Re: Menu windows appear in window manager windows list ?
Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2007 01:16:29 +0100

Fred Kiefer wrote:
> Truls Becken wrote:
> > I do see another issue, though. When right-clicking an app-icon, the
> > menu springs up temporarily under the mouse, but since the app-icon is
> > net_wm_window_type_dock, the menu always appears *below* it. I think
> > the window type of at least one of them should be changed. Since the
> > menu is only visible while the mouse button is held down, it can't be
> > wrong to give it the highest level possible, i.e. type dock and
> > possibly net_wm_state_above. The app-icons also always stay on top of
> > application windows, which may or may not be desirable.
> >
> Yes this is annoying, could you please experiment a bit with possible
> combinations and see if there is something that works for the more
> common window managers?

The extreamly simple patch in the attachment fixes the popup menu
issue. I tested with OpenBox, IceWM and PekWM, and this is definitely

Making mini windows and app icons the same level as application
windows is not as straight forward. Changing them to
NSNormalWindowLevel is not an option as this makes them show up in
taskbars. Since there is no window level that sets window type normal
+ skip taskbar, this one doesn't seem to be easily solvable. Whether
one would want to change it in the first place is subjective, of
course, but both WindowMaker and NeXT put non-docked icons at normal
level. This is clearly less intrusive IMHO.

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