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Tasks for GNUstep going forward...

From: Gregory John Casamento
Subject: Tasks for GNUstep going forward...
Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2007 09:25:50 -0800 (PST)


Based on recent discussions, I believe that we have the following tasks, not in 
priority order:

1) Improve the website. 
    * Last I recally Jesse and Manuel were working on this.   This could 
possibly include a link/feed to GNUstep blogs or a feed from GNUstep's commits 
to show that progress is being made.
2) GNUstep Official Forum
    * ASSIGNED: Jesse and Manuel
3) New binary installers for platforms - Currently we are in a great deal of 
shortage for packagers.   We have one for Debian, but that's about it.   We 
need someone who is willing to spend the time building and packaging for 
vairous platforms.
    NOTE: I'm thinking that some of this process *could* be automated, since 
it's fairly mundane... like with the build farm we could have a packaging farm. 
  Just a thought.
4) Tighter integration of theming capability and decoupling of existing theme 
from the current gui codebase.
    * ASSIGNED: Me w/ help from Fred and, possibly Nicholas Roard.
5) Applications - we need more applications for GNUstep in general.
6)  Get GUI to 1.0.
    * This will come as more applications are built, so it's really dependent 
on #5.

I'm sure there are other tasks, but this is the high level task list I can 
think of.


Gregory Casamento -- OLC, Inc 
# GNUstep Chief Maintainer

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