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Re: Man-pages

From: Dennis Leeuw
Subject: Re: Man-pages
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007 20:50:01 +0100
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Hi Nicola,

Nicola Pero wrote:
Hi Dennis,

this is really good stuff :-)

Thanks :)

nice manpages - before I commit, just thought I'd mention that gnustep-make already has got a couple of manpages (GNUstep.7 and openapp.1), they are in core/make/Documentation ... did you see them ? You may want to merge your openapp
manpage with the existing one ?

hmm... didn't look in the Documentation directory... read them quickly and they already look good. Will merge both openapp versions.

We probably want to always install these tool manpages with gnustep-make (at the moment they are installed only when gnustep-make's documentation is installed). I suppose they
could go into a new directory core/make/manpages, and we always install them 
gnustep-make is installed ?  I can do that if people like the idea (I like it). 

YES! That would be perfect!


PS: debugapp is now completely equivalent to 'openapp --debug'; it may be worth
documenting openapp very extensively and have debugapp just be a very short page referencing openapp. We haven't "deprecated" debugapp but it seems
more logical for new users to just get used to using openapp all the time. ;-)

Right that is what I mention in the debugapp man-page in the NAME section, but I should probably also mention it in the DESCRIPTION section... maybe it would even be better to make both the Tools and the man-pages a symbolic link. Then openapp can act as openapp when it is called as debugapp. If you check on $0 in openapp you know if it is called as debugapp or openapp.

Just a thought,


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From: Dennis Leeuw <address@hidden>
Sent: Friday, December 7, 2007 12:33pm
To: GNUstep Discuss <address@hidden>
Subject: Man-pages

Hi all,

I created a set of preliminary man-pages for the GNUstep tools. Comments suggestions and additions highly appreciated.

One little thing I noticed is that the set_show_service command does the enable and disable, but is doesn't do the show. Is this a bug or intentional?

Happy Stepping,

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