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Re: [ANNOUNCE] SimpleAgenda 0.34

From: Helge Hess
Subject: Re: [ANNOUNCE] SimpleAgenda 0.34
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 03:16:02 +0100

On 14.12.2007, at 02:55, Philippe Roussel wrote:
I guess the biggest benefit is that it is high level and directly
integrates at the Foundation library. And its actively maintained :-)
Ok, I'm almost convinced. How am I supposed to deliver the needed code
for SimpleAgenda users ? Do you think I should copy NGCards and it's

I guess that would be easiest. Eg make a Subversion vendor branch and import that into your app. Its probably not (perfectly) API stable yet, so its good to have a local branch anyways.

(by the way, what are NGExtensions, EOControl and DOM in
GNUmakefile.preamble ?)

All stuff (I think) you don't need for NGCards.

[EOControl is the EOF2 control layer of SOPE (EOQualifier, EODataSource and such), NGExtensions is various SOPE extensions to Foundation/EOControl and (sope-xml/)DOM is, well DOM on top of SaxObjC]

in SimpleAgenda source tree or do you package
NGCards as an idependant library ?

No, NGCards isn't even included in SOPE (yet), its directly embedded in ScalableOGo.

In fact I wonder how you deal with things like date handling and
recurrences. Hm, should have a look at the source ;-)

Well, that's probably not a good idea, it will hurt your eyes !


I started this project using ChronographerSource for it's Date and
Appointment classes. Later I switched to libical and change the Date
class to use the libical date struct internaly.

OK. I think thats one of the major advantages of sope-ical/NGCards stuff, its built on top of NSCalendarDate/NSTimeZone. Though I'm not perfectly sure about the state of timezone support in NGCards.

Only simple recurrences are handled in SimpleAgenda as of now (daily,
weekly, monthly, yearly, for ever or until a certain date).

So rrule evaluation isn't done by libical but you need to implement it in your own classes? (if libical would do rrule evaluation, that would be one of the few things which would convince me to use it .., since rrules are HARD).

I don't know the current state of NGCards, but sope-ical did support a bit more like BYDAY recurrences, eg last-friday or 2nd monday of each month (well, I suppose NGCards supports at least the same stuff plus more ;-).

Helge Hess

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