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Re: Need Windows Installer Testers

From: Philippe Roussel
Subject: Re: Need Windows Installer Testers
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 20:31:55 +0100

Le vendredi 14 décembre 2007 à 10:48 -0700, Adam Fedor a écrit :
> I finally have a new windows installer ready, but I'd like people to  
> test it out before I announce it generally. You should be able to  
> install the required installers and the Calculator.app installer and   
> "just run" the GNUstep Calculator app from the Start Menu (well I  
> thought that was pretty cool :-)).
> I'm still working on things, but I bet there will be a bunch of  
> issues that crop up that I have never thought of. Please let me know  
> your experience with it!  Also check for Viruses!  My system is darn  
> clean, but you never know where things can sneak in.

Hi Adam

I just tested the installers on Windows 2000 SP4 (!) and they work
without any problem.

I couldn't find an installer for Calculator.app so I downloaded
gnustep-examples-1.1.0.tar.gz and built them. I tested Calculator.app
and ToolbarExample.app successfuly. I just couldn't install them as
'make install' errors out with :

/bin/sh: gnutar: command not found

Thanks for your work,

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