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Re: Update GNUstep on Debian to more recent version?

From: address@hidden
Subject: Re: Update GNUstep on Debian to more recent version?
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 03:01:30 -0800 (PST)
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On 19 Dez., 09:52, Yavor Doganov <address@hidden> wrote:

> It seems that you have installed the current Debian stable release,
> a.k.a. "Etch".  Packages there are updated only when a security-related


> or critical bug is found.  The next stable release is expected at the end
> of 2008, although it might be delayed a bit.

Ah - I see.

> > Is there a method in Debian to partially update the distro, i.e. choose
> > which branch the package manager looks at?
> Yes, /etc/apt/sources.list.  Upgrading from stable -> testing -> unstable
> is not guaranteed to work.  Basically, you need to change the entries in
> that file to `testing' and do `aptitude dist-upgrade', then change to
> `unstable' and repeat that step (if you're willing to upgrade to
> unstable, of course).

Good trick. I will take a look into it.

> Please file a bug report (`reportbug gorm.app' or `M-x debian-bug RET p
> RET gorm.app RET' if you use Emacs).  I'll try to reproduce this on a
> stable box.

Gregory has already filed a bug.

> When Debian is about to release, `testing' is frozen (the toolchain
> first, then everything else) and updates propagate after review from the
> release team.  When all bugs in the distribution are fixed, testing is
> declared stable and usual packages migration sid -> testing is open
> again.  The cycle then repeats.

It appears to be a quite sophisticated process which contributes to a
high level of stability - although it might be a little slow if one
wants to use stable versions only (1,5 years from stable GNUstep on
Etch to the next one...).

Many thanks for this description.


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