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Re: GNUstep Windows Installer

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: GNUstep Windows Installer
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 23:08:15 +0100
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Fred Kiefer wrote:
> After all that I still have problem starting up an application. This is
> caused by gui not finding the backend. I expect that this is caused by
> some unusual language settings (German) on my computer. At least this is
> the only hint I get from GNUstep. I report back on that issue as soon as
> I find out more.

I just found out what was causing my remaining problems. My self
compiled GNUstep could not find a suitable GNUstep.conf file. It is, by
default, ignoring the environment variable pointing to one, but looks
for one in /GNUstep/System/Tools. After putting a GNUstep.conf file
there and changing all the path to Window standard (C:/GNUstep....) it
works now.

My next problem is that my application segmentation faults. But from
here on it really is my problem. I just downloaded gdb for MinGW and
will start debugging. Why isn't gdb already included in the system
installation? I'm surely not the only programmer that needs a debugger
from time to time.

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