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Re: Simple Web Kit status

From: Dr . H . Nikolaus Schaller
Subject: Re: Simple Web Kit status
Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2008 19:18:20 +0100


great and many thanks! I have looked into it and although I think we can't use everything we can still take some parts. E.g. parsing of CSS color names or translating some of the attributes. And, of course, learn a lot how to do handle CSS...

Best regards,

Am 08.02.2008 um 14:18 schrieb David Chisnall:

Hi Nikolaus,

I have a (very small) CSS parser which you might find useful. It's in:

http://svn.gna.org/viewcvs/etoile/trunk/Etoile/Services/User/Jabber/ ETXML/ETXMLXHTML-IMParser.m?rev=2495&view=auto

It's 3-clause BSDL, so feel free to steal it if it's useful. It only does the small subset of css required for XHTML-IM, but you might be able to use it (I've not looked at your code, so it might be completely unusable to you).


On 8 Feb 2008, at 11:38, address@hidden wrote:

Hi all,
right before FOSDEM it is the appropriate time to write a little about
the status of SWK, our pure-Objective-C WebKit re-implementation.

I have now added History and the Back-Forward list management, so that
navigating through the Web really becomes possible.

So I think we have reached a state which comes close to the first
Safari 1.0.0 release where a majority of web pages had not been
rendered completely correctly. But with user's feedback, we can fix
this all, like it was fixed for Safari.

Here a short overview about the feature completion status:

        Loading                         99%             (NSURLConnection -> 
        Parser                          99%             (HTML 4.0 -> DOM Tree)
        Evaluator                               90%             (DOM Tree -> 
        Loading                         100%    (handling <script> and <script 
        Parser                          90%             not well tested for 
completeness and robustness
        Evaluator                               50%
        Objects                         0%
        Loading                         100%    (handling <style> and <tag 
        Parser                          0%
        Evaluator                               0%
WebView, WebFrame, ...
        Basics                          100%    (interworking of all these 
        Advanced                                70%             (not completely 
working are Forms & Frames)
        Editing                         0%              (not intended)

Since more and more pages are using AJAX/JavaScript you will sometimes
see error messages from the JS parser. And, since we don't have CSS
yet, more modern pages will lack all the gleamour and optimized
appearance that you are used to.

Before criticism comes up again: the architecture is prepared to add
CSS and complete JavaScript. It is "just" work to do it. We don't know
major technical problems that would be show-stoppers.

There is only one major known performance issue that will show up: if
a script changes a DOMTree element, we currently rebuild the full
NSAttributedString that represents the web page. This can become a lot
of work for large pages. But there is room for optimization by just
rebuilding a subrange.

And, there is Vespucci, the SWK based GAP Web Browser.

So, try, test, enjoy, help, ...


PS: It would be nice to have a demonstration on out FOSDEM stand. Who
plans to bring a working GNUstep sytem?
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