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Q's about GNUstep (-make & -base)

From: Michael Hopkins
Subject: Q's about GNUstep (-make & -base)
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 16:12:01 +0100
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Hi all

A couple of questions:

1) Can I use gnustep-make on Linux with colormake or clmake to colourise the output during builds? If so, how? Have googled and looked through the docs but I can find but no hints there. I suspect it would just be changing 'make' -> 'clmake' somewhere in the bowels of the GNUstep directory hierarchy. Also, how to I set the default level of warnings (i.e. turn off those annoying "warning: multi-line comment").

2) A more general question about code quality and portability of gnustep-base. I am just embarking on a project to port a bunch of Obj-C/Cocoa code from Mac 10.5 to GNUstep on amd64 Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) and Win32 (with MSYS/MingW etc) using appropriate GNstep makefiles. No GUI, just using Foundation classes.

Going very well so far, except for some classes differing between Cocoa Foundation & gnustep-base (btw, is there a document listing the differences anywhere?), but I am wondering about things like:

- is libgnustep-base (& libobjc) maintained now & into the future? On both linux
   and Win32?

- is it of an overall quality to be trusted for enterprise use and if not where
   are the glitches at the moment?

- is it likely in the near future (or ever) that Objective-C 2.0 language support will be provided? Mainly interested in the syntax changes like @properties,
   @synthesize, fast enumeration (which I suspect gcc 4.3 will mainly support)
   rather than garbage collection which I am unlikely to use.

Thanks in advance



    Hopkins Research      Touch the Future

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