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ANN: GNUstep Software Index is up and running

From: address@hidden
Subject: ANN: GNUstep Software Index is up and running
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 01:54:23 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi all,
after some experimentation, a new tool is up and running on the
GNUstep server to improve the user's experience of GNUstep:


The idea behind is to have a complete and easily maintained repository
of GNUstep based applications.

It is NOT thought to replace any home page of applications, the Wiki
entries etc. because these can give much more individual information
than just an index. It is like a directory - you get enough
information to go to the individual self-presentation.

Therefore, it does not store any code but allows to save links where
users can then download.

Please note that we have a top10 index to see which pages are popular.

And, there is a hidden link which produces an XML property list of the
full database. This could become the basis for a GNUstep software
update manager, although it might be incompatible with the package
manager concepts of Linux distributions, where GNUstep is and should
remain included.

The link is:


You can also use RSS to receive update notifications:


Now, to the data base itself. Each application (or framework or
whatever we want to put in) has a unique index. Updates that are
submitted (i.e. new versions) are automatically linked, so that it
becomes an archive of the "release" history.

Anyone can submit new entries or request changes to existing entries
(i.e. if there are broken URLs, typos etc.). Just go to the Edit
function and request the change.

There are registered users with additional privileges. The highest
level is a "manager". A manager can look into the change requests and
approve/reject them individually. "standard" users can add comments
and track application updates (not only through RSS but by e-mail).

Finally some more comments:
* the origin of this database is in killefiz.de (which was very
popular for the Sharp Zaurus)
* it resembles a little the principles of versiontracker.com or
* it is open source
* it uses php / mysql
* it is open for changes by the managers of the GNUstep home page
* if you need something changed in the system (not the content),
please contact me (or write it here)

Now comes your part:

Applications do not come into the database by magic. So, if you are
the maintainer of any GNUstep related application or framework, please
add it to the database. Today. And add any updates, tomorrow.

Happy working,

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