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Re: gnustep make and linking applications to extensions

From: Andreas Höschler
Subject: Re: gnustep make and linking applications to extensions
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2008 20:39:55 +0200

Hi Richard,

However, this file is overwritten and reverted to its original state when I do "make install". What file do I have to create in the project directory and what do I have to add to GNUmakefile to let gnustep make generate Info.plist as indicted above?

XXXInfo.plist where XXX is the application name.

Shouldn't Info-gnustep.plist work as well? Whatever, I have tried both but had no luck on Leopard. I also created


  NOTE = "Automatically generated, do not edit!";
  ApplicationName = "InterfaceBuilder";
  ApplicationDescription = "A tool for designing gui interfaces";
  ApplicationIcon = "InterfaceBuilder.tiff";
  ApplicationRelease = "1.0";
  FullVersionID = "InterfaceBuilder 1.0";
  NSIcon = "InterfaceBuilder.tiff";
  NSExecutable = InterfaceBuilder;
  NSPrincipalClass = NSApplication;
  NSRole = "Editor";
  NSTypes = (
      NSUnixExtensions = ( "smib" );
      NSIcon = "nibfile.tiff";

manually but still had no (real) luck. Leopard is not getting the message (binding)!?

You had more success on Leopard?



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