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Stack walkbacks and catching unhandled exceptions

From: Vincent Coetzee
Subject: Stack walkbacks and catching unhandled exceptions
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2008 23:07:07 +0200

Dear List,

I realize that this may not be the most appropriate list to post development questions to, but I was led to believe that it is the only one that is still active. I am doing some fairly complex development in Objective-C on Ubuntu Linux 8.04. I have 3 problems that are significantly retarding my development speed that I hope someone may be able to help me with.

1-2. When I use Objective-C on Mac OS X, the first thing I do when I start developing an Application is to install an UnhandledException handler that gives me a full stack trace when it catches an unhandled exception. I would very much like to do this on Ubuntu using Foundation (GnuStepBase) since everytime NSObject catches a doesNotUnderstandSelector my App aborts and I have to bugger around for 10 minutes with the debugger to find out the selector, class and method. I have tried installing an unhandled exception handler using the ( mostly ) undocumented functions to no avail. All the functions I install never get invoked. Does anyone know how to do this with certainty. And secondly I can not find the companion methods in GnuStepBase that I use in Mac OS X Foundation to get a stack trace. Can some assist / suggest ?

3. I use HOMs specifically those from MPWFoundation heavily on Mac OS X, I can't get the damn stuff to build. I mean I thought I knew my way around makefiles, but that stuff boggles my mind. Has anyone managed to get MPWFoundation to build on Ubuntu/Debian and if so how ?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, and if this indeed the wrong list, apologies, but where should I post ?

Many thanks

Vince Coetzee

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