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Re: Higher Order Messaging (MPWFoundation, ...)

From: David Chisnall
Subject: Re: Higher Order Messaging (MPWFoundation, ...)
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2009 12:32:36 +0100

On 11 Aug 2009, at 12:11, Lucas Schnorr wrote:

There is also this post in the Étoilé site:
It presents the implementation of HOM in EtoileFoundation. Is it
possible to use it
with other applications?

This implementation (some really nice code by Niels Grewe, removing something that had been on my TODO list for a couple of years) is part of the EtoileFoundation framework. This has no dependencies other than an OpenStep implementation and has been tested on both GNUstep and OS X. I think there's an XCode project for OS X (I've never used it, but I think Quentin's tested it on OS X and fixed some issues there) and a GNUmakefile.

It is closely tied to the ETCollection protocol, which is added via a category to all of the standard OpenStep collection classes giving a consistent interface (which is used by CoreObject and EtoileUI).

EtoileFoundation doesn't depend on any other parts of Étoilé, although most other things in Étoilé depend on it, and is BSD licensed. You will need to compile it with clang to get the methods which take blocks as arguments (unfortunately, buy 4701 means clang doesn't work with the GNU libobjc headers at the moment; hopefully this will be fixed in the next week or so).


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