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Re: Problems with GNUMail or GSDecorationView?

From: Tim Kack
Subject: Re: Problems with GNUMail or GSDecorationView?
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 12:36:18 +0200
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Thanks, a [[self window] setDelegate: nil] in -dealloc of the controller solved it.

Best regards,

On 2009-08-19 10:56:18 +0200 Richard Frith-Macdonald <address@hidden> wrote:

On 19 Aug 2009, at 09:38, Tim Kack wrote:

Note, at this point _delegate will be 0xdeadface because the EditWindowController has been deallocated and therefore respondsToSelector will crash.

Now, my question is - is this a GNUMail bug (i.e. the NSToolbar should have been deallocated earlier) or is it a problem with the GSWindowDecorationView removeToolbarView? Perhaps there should be a check if the delegate still is valid before calling setFrame?

I'm not really familiar with the code concerned, but from your description it sounds like the bug is in EditWindowController

If EditWindowController has set itsself as the delegate for a window, it should also have removed itsself as the delegate at the start of its -dealloc method. It's a firm rule that an object must remove itsself as a delegate of any other object before it deallocates itsself.

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