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Re: framework

From: Thomas Gamper
Subject: Re: framework
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2009 12:55:34 +0200
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Thanks for the extensive infos.


Saso Kiselkov schrieb:
The math is really very simple:

GNUstep: LGPL => links with any license you want
DevIL: LGPL => links with any license you want
GLEW: MIT/BSD => links with any license you want
PRNG: GPL => links ONLY with GPL
NVIDIA Cg => no idea on usage license terms

In other words, you'll have to use GPL for your app. Remember, that GPL linking requirements only work from library -> app, i.e. if you link to a GPL library, your app has to become GPL. If, however, your app is GPL and you link to a non-compatible/proprietary library, that doesn't force the library to become GPL. As an example, consider compiling a GPL app against Solaris' proprietary libc - that doesn't force the libc to become GPL. That means, you don't have to remove the NVIDIA Cg dependency if you don't want to.


Thomas Gamper wrote:
David Chisnall schrieb:
On 26 Aug 2009, at 23:31, Thomas Gamper wrote:

The only requirement is... an approved opensource license.
That brings me to my next question: What licenses are available to me, if I use/link with GNUstep?

GNUstep uses the LGPL, which means any license from public domain to first-born child required to use is acceptable for code that links with it. Pick any license your comfortable with. Most of √Čtoil√© uses BSD or MIT licenses, a number of frameworks built with GNUstep use the LGPL and a few use the GPL.

There are a couple of libraries I use. DevIL is LGPL, GLEW is licensed under 2 similar MIT licenses and a modified BSD license, PRNG is GPL. As far I can tell the license NVIDIA Cg is under is not free software compatible, so I will have to remove the dependency on that library before I actually get an svn repository at sourceforge, sic.


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