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Objective-C 2.0

From: Michael Thaler
Subject: Objective-C 2.0
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2009 13:17:06 +0200
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I am currently learning Objective-C on the Mac (using that book:-)) and I was 
wondering if Objective-C 2.0 is available on Linux and if it can be used for 
gnustep development. 

If it is available is it ok to use it for gnustep? If it is not available, are 
there any plans to support it? I think especially having a garbage collector 
would be quite interesting. Personally I think having a GC would be a 
sustantial advantage of gnustep over, e.g. Qt.

If it is partly available, which features can (should) be used? Are blocks 
available (which seem to be a propertery Apple extension to C-like languages)?

Is it possible to write applications that can be compiled on both the Mac 
using Cocoa and Linux using gnustep?


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