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Please test new NSLock implementation!

From: David Chisnall
Subject: Please test new NSLock implementation!
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2009 14:12:56 +0100

Hi Everyone,

I've just committed a new version of all of the NSLock family of classes to GNUstep-base, and a slightly reworked NSThread. Bugs in this code have the potential to break any multithreaded applications, so please test them on your favourite platform, with your favourite applications. And on platforms you hate with apps you can't stand, for that matter.

As a result of this change, GNUstep now depends directly on POSIX threads. If you are building on Windows, you will need to download the pthread-win32 package from here:


I apologise for this extra dependency for Windows users, but it's probably better than the existing implementation which called this function to create a condition lock:

/* Allocate a condition. */
__objc_condition_allocate(objc_condition_t condition)
  /* Unimplemented. */
  return -1;

On most other *NIX systems you should have pthreads available by default. I don't know if anyone's building GNUstep in the Symbian or QNX POSIX layer (let me know if you are), but pthread implementations are available here too. The MIT Pthreads package provides a pure userspace (N:1) implementation of pthreads on almost any UNIX-like system, so should work for people using ancient UNIX (the pthread specification was released in 1996 and is supported on most UNIX systems that are less than a decade old; some of the more obscure corners are not well-supported, but we're not using any of those).


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