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Re: GNUStep OpenGL on WinXP

From: Nicola Pero
Subject: Re: GNUStep OpenGL on WinXP
Date: Sat, 5 Sep 2009 22:34:14 +0200

Hi Doug

you should try

 make messages=yes

to view the compiler and linker command lines and check how they change when you add/remove these GNUmakefile options. ;-)

Since you specify -lopengl32 twice (as Gears_TOOL_LIBS and LDFLAGS) I'd expect it to appear twice on the linker command line; maybe one of the two is redundant ? (eg, try removing the LDFLAGS line and see if it still works) ;-)

As a general background of what the two options do, setting LDFLAGS will generally force the -lopengl32 to appear on the linker command line, in a certain position, for everything that gets compiled (in your case, only the Gears application, but could be more if you had more). Gears_TOOL_LIBS will do the same, but IIRC in a different position on the linker command line, and only for the 'Gears' instance - in your case
the Gears application.


On 5 Sep 2009, at 06:52, Doug Thompson wrote:

Okay, I found a working solution -- I thought I'd searched this to
death, but as the forum-posting rule goes... you'll find an answer
right after you post!  Now the sample links correctly and runs...

Anyways, here is what I added to and changed in the gnustep-gears

Gears_TOOL_LIBS += -lopengl32

I understand the LDFLAGS option, but could someone explain the first
change?  My background is in C (PalmOS), VC++, and C# (not gcc) and
the construction of that line isn't clear to me.

Again, thanks in advance,
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