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From: Jaideep Chakravorty
Subject: URGENT: Problem with PROJECTCENTER tool
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2009 11:19:51 +0530


I am a new comer to the world of GNUstep. I am encountering an error message while trying to build my first app through Project Center GUI. Attached is the screen shot of the error message. Details are given below:

Earlier, I had downloaded and installed the latest GNUstep_System (v 23), GNUstep_Core (v 23.1) and GNUstep_devel (v 1.0) in this order, in my Windows XP system.

I had downloaded some sample apps and was successfully able to build them from the Shell prompt. Next I had downloaded Project Center (0.5.0) source and successfully built it from the Shell prompt.The problem started when I tried to build a sample app from the Project Center GUI. The error messages indicate that the Project Center build environment is not able to probably map the variable "GNUSTEP_MAKEFILES" variable properly, Because the line numbers of the error messages from GNUMakefile indicate that GNUSTEP_MAKEFILES variable is not pointing to the correct path where "common.make", "aggregate.make" and "application.make" exists.

I have already checked that these files ("common.make", "aggregate.make" and "application.make") exists in my GNUStep install directory at: C:\GNUStep\GNUStep\System\

The only problem is that I don't yet know where exactly to check the contents of the variable "GNUSTEP_MAKEFILES", and to set it correctly ?

Also, I am able to build this UI app successfully from the Shell prompt.

Please let me know if I am making an mistake somewhere, and advise.

Attached is the screen shot of the error message.


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