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Re: SWI 2.7.0

From: Truls Becken
Subject: Re: SWI 2.7.0
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2009 17:00:54 +0200

address@hidden wrote:

> Hi all,
> I think I did now finally understand what some of you meant by
> removing duplicates in the list. Therefore, I have added such a
> feature in SWI 2.7.0.

Thank you Nikolaus, this is much better!

About the search feature, though. Searching for GPS, PDF, FTP or
GNUstep does not return anything. Do you know why that is? Searching
for "sheet" does not return FlexiSheet as expected, but instead
returns ToyViewer which has the word somewhere in its description.

Could the Filter by OS/Model options be removed since they do not apply?

> There is only one small bug - the number of records in the database
> categories shown to the left below the GNUstep Software Index logo is
> wrong (since I have not yet found the right SELECT statement to count
> but eliminate duplicate names in one step). That is something for
> 2.7.1.

I see you have already fixed this and released 2.7.1. This is an
important point because the list on the left gives an overview of how
many apps, frameworks, etc are available. It was really weird when it
said e.g Framework(30), and this was the number of releases, not the
number of products.

Not all categories are listed, however. At least Applications is
missing, which is a shame. Could the list be made dynamic to avoid
this problem? Maybe also add a Game category?


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