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Changes I've been thinking of...

From: Gregory Casamento
Subject: Changes I've been thinking of...
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2009 15:24:01 -0400


There are a number of things which need to change on the project:

We need to:
1) improve our website.  It's been the same for years and doesn't
reflect our progress.
2) improve GNUstep's default theme as well as theming in general.
While I know some people will respond negatively to changing the
default theme from a NeXT-like look to something more modern, I
believe it's one way for us to spark interest in the project is to
update it's look.   The current look should always be available, but
not necessarily the default.
3) Improve our ability to market ourselves in general.

One thing that GNUstep has been lacking in is marketing.   I've been
trying to improve things on that front, but I'm not the best marketer
to say the very least.

Does anyone have any questions or comments regarding this?  I would
like to hear any and all input people have.

Later, GC
Gregory Casamento
Open Logic Corporation, Principal Consultant
yahoo/skype: greg_casamento, aol: gjcasa
(240)274-9630 (Cell)

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