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Re: Changes I've been thinking of...

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Re: Changes I've been thinking of...
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2009 20:57:13 +0100

On 7 Oct 2009, at 20:24, Gregory Casamento wrote:


There are a number of things which need to change on the project:

We need to:
1) improve our website.  It's been the same for years and doesn't
reflect our progress.

I've been dissatisfied with it too. Not the basic appearance, which is generally a pleasantly clean/simple design, but more in function ...

a. If we can figure out what key areas of interest there are, we can link to them from the home page in a manner which makes it easy for people to find them. For instance, I recently noticed there was no link to the windows installer from the home page, so I added one.

b. Some inspiring news ought to be frequently updated on the front page.

c. links should be kept up to date ... old code which is no longer supported should be flagged as such or moved away from more current downloads.

d. the navigation links on the right should be highlighted in some way ... we read from left to right, and it's easy to fail to notice those links. Look at http://www.apache.org/ for a clearer presentation with a broadly similar layout.

3. we should have a site search field on the home page! The lack of a search facility is really annoying when someone is looking for something specific

2) improve GNUstep's default theme as well as theming in general.
While I know some people will respond negatively to changing the
default theme from a NeXT-like look to something more modern,

Then why did you say it? ... that's rather foolhardy.

I believe it's one way for us to spark interest in the project is to
update it's look.

That's not a reason to change the default theme. It's a reason to try to develop at least one good alternative theme. You should not be proposing a change which will provoke argument when the alternative would achieve the same in a relatively non-contentious way/ If/when a genuinely better theme can be produced, people will WANT to adopt it as the default. The objective should be to develop a good theme (or multiple good themes).

  The current look should always be available, but
not necessarily the default.
3) Improve our ability to market ourselves in general.

Can't argue with that.

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