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Re: Changes I've been thinking of...

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: Re: Changes I've been thinking of...
Date: Thu, 08 Oct 2009 02:08:35 +0200
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Philippe Roussel wrote:
For me, the one thing that really lowers GNUstep credibility is the
super high 'bitrot factor' : a lot of the software found in the wiki
is outdated, or it's website disappeared, or it won't compile or it's
almost useless. Building the core librairies is good (thanks guys !)
but we need a good set of working applications, easily found and
easily built.

True... applications need love and care just not to "bit rot". Whiich gives the user a terrible impression.
One example I ran recently is AddressManager and the VCFViewer
inspector. There is one version in GAP, one version in Etoile. One
version of VCFViewer in AddressManager tree and one in GWorkspace
website and wiki page.
I am working on that, you are helping me too there. The GAP version is the official Addresses, Bjoern "donated" it to us. GAP has become a kitchen-sink for apps not loved by their owners anymore... I try my best to keep them going and added in the last years several applications! When a core developer like Enrico leaves, it leaves a lot of stuff... I don't think everybody realized how much Enrico did for GNUstep. With the releases, the wiki pages will be corrected, etc etc. We're gettign there, just slowly. You yourself are helping me out lately!

There are multiple terminal applications (gap, backbone, etoile ?) but
none really usable (to my knowledge, maybe I missed something).

These are harsh words? I don't know of etoile, but the one in GAP works. I use it every single day! It may miss some features but works. ANd I assume backbone's does too, the code bae is essentially the same, but the philosophies about releases, makefiles etc. differ.
There is Preferences and SystemPreferences.

It is lecit to have more applications that do similar things! Happens on windows too... SystemPreferences is from Enrico, it is Apple compatible.

Preference's is more limited in the UI, has different modules but looks better :)
GNUMail doesn't work for me and seems stalled.
That is sadly very very true. TIm Kack found out what makes it crash, made a partial patch... but it is left there. He can tell us the details. But furthermore Ludovic should accept the patch, commit and make a new beta tarball.
What I'm trying to say is that I think we should try to centralize
things (one repository for all !) and work on a set of defined
applications instead of collecting random stuff.

That is not striclty necessary, but things should be clearly linked from the gnustep main site.
One last thing about stable/unstable : the website frontpage advertize
gnustep startup 0.23.0 as a stable release with make 2.2.0, base 1.19.1,
gui 0.17.0 and back 0.17.0.
In the download page, stable startup version is 0.22.0 and unstable
0.19.3. Stable base is 1.18.0 which for me means that base 1.19.1
included in startup 0.23.0 is not stable. Same thing for gui and back.
Question is : what should I download ?!

Our downloads are terribly confusing!
I hope this doesn't sound too negative, really. I really like GNUstep
and wish to use a GNUstep desktop one day :o).
It is honest, which is what counts.


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