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Re: Changes I've been thinking of...

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: Re: Changes I've been thinking of...
Date: Fri, 09 Oct 2009 23:42:35 +0200
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Gregory Casamento wrote:

Accordingly, work on e.g. a GNUstep terminal app is pointless, as there are
two dozen other terminal apps out there already. Strongly preferring
WindowMaker is plain counter productive.

I believe we need to start integrating better with other
desktops/window managers.

Maybe, But from my point of view we need to integrate better with Windowmaker itself! If I have focus problems, windows ordering problems, event problems, window and menu placement problems with WIndowMaker, then it is really crap!!

Insisting on a own clipboard system
will do nothing but confuse users.

The unfortunate truth here is that there are still some features of
the other guys pasteboard servers which don't server our needs at all.

TO each one its ow. We can have ours :)

Those dock-like miniwindows are simply
annoying (for Gnome users).

You can turn them off.

Well, SystemPreferences has a convenient panel for defaults. If only people would install and use it... I don't know Ubuntu, but debian doesn't ship it.


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