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Themes [Was: Changes I've been thinking of...]

From: Germán Arias
Subject: Themes [Was: Changes I've been thinking of...]
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 2009 23:10:24 -0600

El dom, 11-10-2009 a las 13:34 +0200, Fred Kiefer escribió:
> Germán Arias schrieb:
> > 3) Themes: Well, there are currently people working on it. 
> Are you sure about that? Riccardo has build at least one theme. I have
> heard that Greg was building a Windows theme and also worked on porting
> Camaelon to GSTheme, but never seen any of it. Are there more themes
> (based on GSTheme) out there? What is there state, what problems are
> people facing and why are there so few contributions to extent the theme
> support in GNUstep?

Well maybe I should be more precise "There are people working to
implement GSTheme". But even with the current state, I believe that much
can be achieved with the colors (there are bugs but a few). For example,
I thought about a tool that could be very useful for packagers. This
tool gets the name of the user's theme and provides a similar theme for
GNUstep. Or just provide a lot of themes and enable to SystemPreferences
establish a global theme. These themes would be similar to default's
themes (and most popular themes) of the main distros. These themes can
be based on the default theme or in Neos theme. For example, look this
screenshot of Cenon running on Ubuntu with similar colors of the default


Whatever you think best. I can work on this. I will join to the project
this week or next (I hope that my copyright assignment don't miss on the

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