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Debug info in debian/ubuntu gnustep-examples

From: Eduardo Osorio Armenta
Subject: Debug info in debian/ubuntu gnustep-examples
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 12:37:38 -0500

Hello GNUstep community

I'm new to this list; First of all great environment/framework/tools, KUDOS to all DEVs.

I'm becoming a fan/user of WindowMaker/GNUstep in ubuntu 9.04

I hope you get me a little help/direction/url trying to get the debug symbols when compiling
the examples from gnustep-examples source in ubuntu package

after downloading the source of this package i compiled fine with
and run with
openapp ApplicationName.app

but trying to debug with gdb, it states that no debug info was know for every program
so i research in gnustep wiki for a HowTo cook
and found that the command

make messages=yes

produces this info, but this didn't worked for gnustep-examples programs
only for a simple HelloWorld program (using Foundation NSLog, etc)

Thanks in advance

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