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Re: QNX - GNUstep and Objective C

From: David Chisnall
Subject: Re: QNX - GNUstep and Objective C
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 2009 21:47:52 +0000

On 25 Oct 2009, at 11:48, bbceler wrote:

Hi everyone.
I work in QNX.
QNX supports officially only gcc4.3 and languages c and c ++ and has own GUI
- QNX Photon.
I compile gcc4.4 / gcc4.5 in QNX.
That is why I have the working on QNX compiler objc. I use to tests objc
from gcc4.5.0.
I made the test of writing the program in objc to working in the environment Photon. We practically use only language c to the programming in Photon,
then the transfer on the language objc turned out very simple.
I porting and compiled on QNX 6.4.1 gnustep-make-2.2.0 and

That's really great - I was wondering if anyone was running GNUstep on QNX. Would it be possible for you to try a recent svn version and make sure that the changes to the threading support work with QNX's version of pthreads?

Simple test program work correctly.
Because I have small knowledge in objc and GNUstep I have the question:
when I using objc from gcc4.4 / gcc4.5 to use for GNUstep I should use
gnustep-objc-1.6.0 ?
and what from http://svn.gna.org/viewcvs/gnustep/libs/libobjc2/ ?
or the better use libobjc from gcc ?

I should really write something on the web site about this. Basically, at the moment, you should use libobjc from GCC if it's relatively modern.

The 1.6.0 libobjc in GNUstep is a really old version of GCC libobjc, for use with platforms that only support an even older GCC (things that Riccardo runs, which only support GCC 2.95). This should only be used if your GCC comes with a broken libobjc.

The libobjc2 is an experimental fork of a recent GCC libobjc, with support for a new ABI and a load of other stuff. I've made some very invasive changes in this and they haven't been adequately tested. I'm currently running it, and as of today I can run all of the GNUstep apps I have installed with it, but I wouldn't recommend that anyone else runs it yet unless you are interested in fixing bugs that you encounter, or testing experimental features in clang.


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