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Re: A few questions

From: David Chisnall
Subject: Re: A few questions
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 2009 20:10:03 +0000

On 26 Oct 2009, at 20:00, Zack - wrote:

1. Why is the glassy Mac-like theme not the default?
  The look and feel of the Mac is pretty popular
  even outside the Mac-owning community, and
  by making the glassy appearance the default you
  could expand the number of GNUstep enthusiasts.

Apple owns the Mac look and feel. Creating a theme based on this would be a derived work and Apple has, in the past, shown absolutely no hesitation in the past in suing people who produce Aqua themes for other systems.

We, in general, prefer to spend our time coding, rather than sitting in court arguing with Apple lawyers.

2. As you may know, Hackintosh PCs, i.e. x86 PCs on
  which OS X has been installed, are increasingly popular
  due to the development of the Boot-132 installation disk,
  which allows installing from an unmodified retail OS X DVD.
  The Hackintosh idea has even recently been mentioned
  in the mainstream media. Given this popularity, why not
  form an alliance with the Hackintosh crowd to promote
  GNUstep as an alternative to putting actual OS X
  on PCs, which due to driver problems is often not
  completely possible?

GNUstep is not a replacement for OS X. GNUstep is a replacement for Cocoa, which is one part of OS X. The hackintosh community is in violation of Apple's EULA which may or may not be valid in your jurisdiction.

Generally, people who want to do this are interested in running OS X and proprietary OS X programs. GNUstep would not help here. If people are interested in running GNUstep applications then this is an option already, with any *NIX distribution.

I am not sure what we would gain by affiliating ourselves with a group that has shown that it would rather use proprietary software and disregard the license conditions associated with this software than use Free Software.


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