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Re: GNUstep and compositing?

From: Germán Arias
Subject: Re: GNUstep and compositing?
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 2009 19:16:58 -0600

El sáb, 31-10-2009 a las 23:48 +0100, Riccardo Mottola escribió:
> Why can't you just use the Fiend? It is supplied with GWorkspace. It 
> works purely in gnustep and does not need any special windowmanager. If 
> you use Windowmaker, you disable the WMaker's one.
> Riccardo

And who will manage the appicon and miniWindows of GWorkspace? GSTaskBar
is a simple tool to manage these (on all desktops) without having to
install another app or another window manager. If someone wants to use a
GNUstep app, just install GNUstep and the application (and sets
GSUseGSTaskBar = YES) and that's all. If you want an application made
with GTK, Qt, Free Pascal, Python, ... just install the libraries and
the application, and voila. GSTaskBar is a solution for the end user who
simply wants to use a GNUstep application without facing problems.

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