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What is needed to run a tool like a daemon?

From: Germán Arias
Subject: What is needed to run a tool like a daemon?
Date: Thu, 03 Dec 2009 00:35:08 -0600

As you know I'm working on GSTaskBar. Until now I run GSTB from a
terminal. But when I try start this tool in my .profile file (where I
start gbps and gdnc) I can not start my session. The error occurs
because GSTB can't register with the name GSTaskBar. I need to delete
the file /tmp/.X0-lock and type: startx. This start my session. After
this, the process GSTB is running and work fine. Then, why I get this
error? Basically I have something like

  NSAutoreleasePool *pool;
  GSTaskBar *gsbar;
  NSConnection *conn;

  pool = [NSAutoreleasePool new];
  gsbar = [GSTaskBar new];
  conn = [NSConnection defaultConnection];
  [conn setRootObject: gsbar];

  if (![conn registerName: @"GSTaskBar"]) 
      NSLog (@"Could not register us as GSTaskBar");
      exit (1);
  NSLog (@"Server registered - waiting for connections...");
  [[NSRunLoop currentRunLoop] run];

if I start this tool at the beginning of my session (with the tool of
gnome to do this) this work fine. But... I would like start this
together gpbs and gdnc. Greetings.

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