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Call for talks at our FOSDEM 2010 devroom (deadline 2010-01-03)

From: Lars Sonchocky-Helldorf
Subject: Call for talks at our FOSDEM 2010 devroom (deadline 2010-01-03)
Date: Sat, 5 Dec 2009 01:09:05 +0100

Hi List,

FOSDEM is up in just 63 days and we have time until Sunday 2010-01-10 to finally submit the talks in our devroom to the FOSDEM organizers. So I'd say we preferably finish our schedule until 2010-01-03 so that the presenters have some time to turn in their abstracts, picture and (optionally) bio for the presentation at the FOSDEM website. Until the 3rd of January only 29 days are left.

I have set up a list of proposed talks the talks schedule at our wiki: http://wiki.gnustep.org/index.php/FOSDEM_2010#Dev- Room_Presentations_and_Events . I think we first should collect all talk offers and then start scheduling.

So please send your proposals to the list or - even better - enter them on the wiki page above. At first a title, a short summary, proposed duration and a preffered time slot would do, so we can start scheduling as soon as possible. The FOSDEM organizers strongly recommend a granularity of 15 minute blocks. So if a talk is just 15 (lightning talk), 30 or 45 minutes long - fine!

As an advice: experience tells that 15 minutes are really short (hence the moniker "lightning talk"). Usually such a lightning talk is only sufficient when you want to put a single new feature into the spotlight - let me give an example here: "There's now a GNOME theme available for GNUstep" (hint for a talk!) or something along those lines. 30 to 45 minutes are a good time for a full featured talk and don't underestimate the time needed for a discussion afterwards.

Later I would need the following from the presenters for forwarding it to the FOSDEM organizers (they put it on the FOSDEM web site):

* activity title (please try to be descriptive, there are ~250 talks at
  FOSDEM during the week-end ;)),
* a short abstract (1-2 paragraphs),
* a longer description if appropriate,
* optionally a list of links to the project website or similar
* for each speaker:
  * the speaker's real name,
  * a short overview of her bio in a couple of lines,
  * optionally also a longer bio,
  * optionally a picture (please send it to us as 128x128 PNG),
  * optionally links to her website, blog, ...

For examples, see:
* http://archive.fosdem.org/2009/schedule/devrooms/freejava
* http://archive.fosdem.org/2009/schedule/events/java_state_icedtea
* http://archive.fosdem.org/2009/schedule/speakers/mark+reinhold



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