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Re: Transparent Windows, WindowMaker and [NSWindow backgroundColor]

From: Austin Clow
Subject: Re: Transparent Windows, WindowMaker and [NSWindow backgroundColor]
Date: Thu, 02 Jun 2011 14:26:32 -0500

If I install cairo, and set 

defaults write NSGlobalDomain GSBackend libgnustep-cairo

will transparent windows 'just work'?

Truly, thanks for all your help,
- Austin

On Jun 2, 2011, at 2:18 PM, Eric Wasylishen wrote:

> Hi Austin,
> On 2011-06-02, at 12:44 PM, Austin Clow wrote:
>> Are transparent windows supported in WindowMaker?
> No, at least not in the version available in ubuntu. You could file a feature 
> request with the WindowMaker team if you want.
>> On a mac when you set the backgroundColor of a window with a color that has 
>> an alpha the window becomes transparent.
> As David said, this works fine in GNUstep under X11 as long as you use the 
> default (cairo) backend, and your window manager and X server supports it. I 
> use Gnome's metacity, and for transparent windows to work you have to turn on 
> compositing.
> I don't think GS supports transparent windows on Windows but it would 
> probably be pretty easy to do.
> Eric

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