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Installing GNUstep for Windows 7

From: B. Ossia
Subject: Installing GNUstep for Windows 7
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2011 08:57:13 -0400


I have installed all three GNUstep MSYS System, GNUstep Core, and GNUstep Devel. It just gives me the Linux-like shell for Windows operating system. Would you please tell me how I can get an IDE for Objective C programming under Windows OS? I have Codeblock IDE for C and C++. Will it be able to compile Objective C having GNUstep installed?
One more question, I also need to install Cygwin for running some other simulation software. Any idea that GNUstep provides the same environment as Cygwin? If not, any idea if GNUstep may conflict with Cygwin.

Thank you for your advice,



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