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Building GNUstep-base as a static archive?

From: Jonathan Bartlett
Subject: Building GNUstep-base as a static archive?
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2011 15:16:34 -0500

I am starting up a project to do a Rails-like application server in Objective-C.  Since most hosting environments do not support Objective-C, I though it would be useful to be able to build the web applications as static (or mostly-static) executables, so they can be easily deployed to services such as Dreamhost.  I have been working with Objective-C for a while, but am fairly new to GNUstep.  By default, GNUstep-base is just a dynamic library.  I couldn't find a configure option to enable a static build.  I am building from gnustep-startup-0.26.1.

Also, if anyone is interested, the project is Newm, and I have it on github here - https://github.com/johnnyb/Newm



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