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make libobjc and libobjc2 easily renamable, and some fixes for old libob

From: Sebastian Reitenbach
Subject: make libobjc and libobjc2 easily renamable, and some fixes for old libobjc with regard to pthreads
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2011 12:25:53 +0200
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attached patches to the GNUmakefiles for the old libobjc, and for the libobjc2 
allow me easily to redefine the name of the library, and especially the library 
files that get installed.
For libobjc1 i just use the CLIBRARY_NAME as a variable instead lib libobjc_XXX 
For libobjc2 I defined three variables, which I then reuse in the GNUmakefile.

This allows me via make flags, to rename the library. Which in the end helps me 
to keep the other ports clean. I plan to name the gnustep runtime libgobjc, and 
to use the gnustep-make parameter: --with-objc-lib-flag=-lgobjc
This works well for me so far. I need this for different architectures, i.e. on 
sparc, I need to install the old libobjc, and on the others, gcc4 
architectures, I can (not yet, still needs testing) install the libobjc2. When 
its possible for me to install both with the same library file name, I don't 
need to distinguish about it, so don't need to worry about it...

With the old libobjc, I ran into another problem, when I change the threading 
to THREADING=pthreads.
Then the thr_pthreads.c fails to compile, since the header name I need to 
include differs, and also some of the threading functions have different number 
of parameters, and return values. So I wonder, whether the using pthreads there 
is actually the right thing to do for me on OpenBSD, or whether I misunderstood 
sth. and the pthreads in the old libobjc is actually sth. completely different.


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