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Re: problem with gnustep on OpenBSD sparc64

From: David Chisnall
Subject: Re: problem with gnustep on OpenBSD sparc64
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2011 10:02:41 +0100

On 7 Jul 2011, at 09:56, Wolfgang Lux wrote:

> ... and here. The sizeof_type callback expects an argument with type size_t 
> *, but &element_size has type int *. This does work on 32-bit architectures 
> where sizeof(size_t) = sizeof(int) and it works coincidentally on low-endian 
> 64-bit architectures like x86_64, but is definitely wrong for big-endian 
> 64-bit machines like sparc.

Ugh - obvious bug that I completely missed, thanks.  It's fixed in svn, and I 
had a look at all of the other places where that pattern is used.  They all use 
size_t correctly.  Thanks for looking at that, and many thanks to Sebastian for 
testing on SPARC64.  I really should get my USii out of the attic and test 
GNUstep stuff on it...


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