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Re: problem with gnustep on OpenBSD sparc64 -- the journey goes on

From: Sebastian Reitenbach
Subject: Re: problem with gnustep on OpenBSD sparc64 -- the journey goes on
Date: Thu, 07 Jul 2011 23:10:54 +0200
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On Thursday, July 7, 2011 21:40 CEST, Fred Kiefer <address@hidden> wrote: 
> Did you get the message "Unable to obtain time zone" before the crash? 
No such message.

> There are two aspects to this problem. First you get an exception during 
> the attempt to read the time zone file. You should print out that 
> exception to investigate this further. The worse issue is that when 
> trying to re-raise this exception something goes horribly wrong which 
> triggers the stack_protector. Could you please run all the base test on 
> this machine and report back the results?

I don't run into an exception, I tried run it in gdb, and then set a breakpoint 
on -[NSException raise], but it ran into the bus error before. And also, it was 
detecting the right time zone:

> (gdb) print self
> $1 = (class GSTimeZone *) 0x20d7ec590
> (gdb) po self
> Europe/Berlin
> (gdb) print *self
> $2 = {{{isa = 0x202812d60}}, timeZoneName = 0x208720bd0, abbreviations = 
> 0x20e600610, timeZoneData = 0x2087207d0, n_trans = 144, n_types = 8, trans = 
> 0x209d59c80, types = 0x209d59c00, idxs = 0x209d59ec0 ""}
> (gdb)

Since it has to do with the timezone, I got the idea, to set the "Local Time 
Zone" but then, even the defaults tool ran into the bus error while trying to 
do so. I copied a .GNUstepDefaults file from another box including the Local 
Time Zone default to the sparc64, but that did not helped either.

defaults read works well, when there are no defaults existing, but with the 
copied .GNUstepDefaults file, it runs into the bus error.

The test results are attached, they were created, without having a 

3682 Passed tests
  46 Failed files
  20 Failed tests
   1 Dashed hope


> Fred

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