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Re: [ANN] PyObjC for GNUstep

From: Jens Ayton
Subject: Re: [ANN] PyObjC for GNUstep
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2011 18:40:35 +0200

On Jul 21, 2011, at 17:09, Gregory Casamento wrote:
> I had heard that the PyObjC runtime was used by the guys who did rubycocoa.  
> I'm wondering if this might serve as a basis for getting ruby working with 
> GNUstep.  

I don't know of any such link, but I haven't looked hard. In any case, 
RubyCocoa is effectively abandoned in favour of the more sophisticated MacRuby; 
the RubyCocoa project hasn't seen any activity for a couple of years, and it's 
no longer supported in Xcode. Given that MacRuby has syntax enhancements for 
better integration and is being actively developed, it would be a better target.

Jens Ayton

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