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question regarding explicit exception in NSKeyValueCoding.m:429 -[NSObje

From: Sebastian Reitenbach
Subject: question regarding explicit exception in NSKeyValueCoding.m:429 -[NSObject(KeyValueCoding) setValue:forUndefinedKey:]
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2011 16:06:05 +0200
User-agent: SOGoMail 1.3.8


I'm again sitting and trying to get OpenGroupware compatible with gnustep-base, 
I already made some progress in the last days.

When I try to enter a project there, then ogo throws an exception. See below 
for the last frames of the backtrace.

the exception happens here:NSKeyValueCoding.m:429 -[NSObject(KeyValueCoding) 
This exception is unconditionally. I first tried to WANT_DEPRECATED_KVC_COMPAT, 
and recompiled, but that did not helped.
Then I commented out the exception, and OGo is just fine with that.

Obviously, libFoundation did not raised an exception, so I'm a bit wondering, 
who is/was right?
I don't have a mac, so cannot check what would happen there if I'd run into 
this setValue:forUndefinedKey:?

Anyways, instead of commenting out the exception, I guess I need to put an 
exception handler somewhere, and catch it?
Am I on the right track here?


#0  -[NSException raise] (self=0x843a3688, _cmd=0x250bb990) at NSException.m:956
#1  0x05118453 in -[NSObject(KeyValueCoding) setValue:forUndefinedKey:] 
(self=0x85370f08, _cmd=0x25111400, anObject=0x7c0a5b68, aKey=0x843a3628) at 
#2  0x05215596 in GSObjCSetVal (self=0x85370f08, key=0xcfbcc3b0 "object", 
val=0x7c0a5b68, sel=0x0, type=0x0, size=6, offset=1) at GSObjCRuntime.m:1456
#3  0x0511a1ab in -[NSObject(KeyValueCoding) takeValue:forKey:] 
(self=0x85370f08, _cmd=0x2c4164b0, anObject=0x7c0a5b68, aKey=0x7e9afaa8) at 
#4  0x0c49085e in _setValue (self=0x7ce652e8, _value=0x7c0a5b68, 
root=0x86b41908) at WOKeyPathAssociation.m:940
#5  0x0c490efe in -[WOKeyPathAssociation setValue:inComponent:] 
(self=0x7ce652e8, _cmd=0x2c3e5d70, _value=0x7c0a5b68, _component=0x86b41908) at 
#6  0x0c4327fb in WOComponent_syncToParent (self=0x87292508, 
_parent=0x86b41908) at WOComponent+Sync.m:181
#7  0x0c437309 in WOContext_leaveComponent (self=0x85907408, 
_component=0x87292508) at WOContext.m:449
#8  0x0c45b752 in -[WOChildComponentReference appendToResponse:inContext:] 
(self=0x7d4a59c8, _cmd=0x210d2ad8, _response=0x7f14a988, _ctx=0x85907408) at 
#9  0x010f7753 in -[WETabItem _appendBodyToResponse:inContext:activeKey:key:] 
(self=0x89422b08, _cmd=0x210d2b08, _response=0x7f14a988, _ctx=0x85907408, 
tmp=0x7c914588, k=0x846eae48) at WETabItem.m:354
#10 0x010f7c85 in -[WETabItem appendToResponse:inContext:] (self=0x89422b08, 
_cmd=0x2a4f2610, _response=0x7f14a988, _ctx=0x85907408) at WETabItem.m:419
#11 0x0a5007b2 in -[SkySimpleTabItem appendToResponse:inContext:] 
(self=0x7d4a5e08, _cmd=0x2c433ef8, _response=0x7f14a988, _ctx=0x85907408) at 

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