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Re: building a self-contained deployable gnustep [cont]

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Re: building a self-contained deployable gnustep [cont]
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2011 19:57:28 +0100

On 17 Oct 2011, at 18:35, Julian Mayer wrote:
> using this instead
> ./configure --with-config-file=./ --with-default-config=./standalone.conf

Thanks ... this should be fixed now.  

I found this in the bash documentation:

If filename does not contain a slash, file
names  in  PATH  are used to find the directory containing file-
name.  The file searched for in PATH  need  not  be  executable.
When  bash  is  not  in  posix  mode,  the  current directory is
searched if no file is found in PATH.

So I guess your bash is running in posix mode, and mine isn't.

Anyway, the fix I did was to check for a leading '/' and prepend './' if none 
is found ... which should ensure that bash always tries to source the config 
I also added a check to abort the configure process if the specified file 
cannot be read, rather than just reporting an error.

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