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Announce OpenGroupware-5.5rc1

From: Sebastian Reitenbach
Subject: Announce OpenGroupware-5.5rc1
Date: Thu, 02 Feb 2012 11:00:04 +0100
User-agent: SOGoMail 1.3.11


the OpenGroupware team is proud to annouce the release of the first release 
candidate of OpenGroupware 5.5.

This OpenGroupware is a fork of OpenGroupware.org 1.1 from Skyrix. The source 
is now hosted on SourceForge:

You will also find information about OpenGroupware on 

It has undergone a long way and major changes to switch from old gnustep-make 
1/libFoundation to gnustep-make 2 and gnustep-base.
Further OpenGroupware now depends on the SOPE fork maintained by the SOGo 
developers at Inverse.
A lot of changes went into OpenGroupware, and also SOPE to resolve 
compatibility and stability issues.

What is OpenGroupware

OpenGroupware is a web based groupware system:
* LDAP or database authentication
* manage contacts/companies
* manage tasks
* E-Mail Web Mail (IMAP client)
* project and document management
* GroupDAV interface
* scripting Interface via zOGI
* and more...

What's new
* replaced dependency of gnustep-make V1.X with gnustep-make V2.X
* replaced dependency of libFoundation with gnustep-base
* now based on SOPE from SOGo team
* Experimental new features:
 * CTI with Asterisk
  * allows you to trigger calls via the Web Interface
 * Integration with location based services
 * geocoding of addresses using the Google Geocoding API
 * show list of contacts on a MAP
 * links to location based services on the Web for addresses
* SNSD5 support dropped
 * this happened due to changes in SOPE
 * we are working on how to get OGo multiple instances support back

Where to get it
You can download the tarball here: 

For installation instructions, needed dependencies, consult the INSTALL file in 
the tarball.

Where to get help
Best way is to ask for help on one of the mailing lists here:

Meet OpenGroupware developer at the FOSDEM: www.fosdem.org. There will be a talk
about the new OGo release:


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